Twelve Baskets Food Bank

Twelve Baskets Food Bank provides food and other products to member agencies in Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, Stone, Pearl River, George, and Perry Counties.  Products are offered at low or no cost to member agencies. 

Participating agency membership is limited to charitable organizations and outreach programs recognized by the IRS as being either non-profit 501(c)3 or religious organizations who meet certain standards.  These standards deal with such things as determining legitimate need of families and/or individual recipients, not charging any individual for food obtained through the Twelve Baskets Food Bank, non-discrimination in any form, proper record-keeping, food handling proceduries and avoiding duplication of services.  There is no charge to agencies to become a member of Twelve Baskets Food Bank.

Nearly 120 organizations are currently member agencies of Twelve Baskets Food Bank.  The member agencies perform the following for the needy:

Emergency Food Pantries                                       Day Care Centers                                                   Emergency Shelters                                                Group Homes                                                            Soup Kitchens                                                         Homeless Shelters

If your organization is interested in becoming a member of Twelve Baskets Food Bank or you are an individual needing to know the location of a food pantry close to you, please contact us at 228-822-0836.

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